What if it was your family?

We are looking for 100 families in Columbus, Ohio who will donate 50 cents per day to defend immigrant families in our community.

Avanza Together is creating a sustainable fund for micro-loans for citizenship, legal defense, and social work support for Columbus families facing deportation and we need your support. Please donate $15 a month and help sustain our work to stand with immigrant families in our community.

2017 was a very uncertain year for immigrants in our community. That's why a group of Columbus residents created Avanza Together to help provide social services for families torn apart by our countries new immigration policies.

While most undocumented immigrants in Central Ohio simply have no available options for adjusting their status without an immigration bill from Congress, many others simply can't afford to come out of the shadows. That's why we're creating a sustainable fund to help these families navigate our complex immigration system.

Let’s show the world that families in Columbus stand up for one another. Please join us. Become a sustaining member of Avanza Together today!