to our community Deportation Defender and the legal defense fund. 



and take an active role in helping your friends and neighbors in Columbus. 


How we serve the community

  1. Networking with immigration attorneys and services providers in central Ohio
  2. Creating a general referral service for immigrants needing help
  3. Connecting immigrants at risk of deportation with office equipment, translation services and other resources to effectively communicate with USCIS and/or their attorney
  4. Creating a 0% interest rate legal defense microloan fund to help low income community members pay for legal fees while fighting their deportation.
  5. Identifying and engaging at-risk communities and ensuring they have access to community resources
  6. Developing a rapid response network of activists able to mobilize within minutes of hearing about a developing raid or deportation
  7. Raising legal deportation defense funds
  8. Fundraising for additional deportation services in the Columbus area
  9. Organizing community workshops to educate the non-immigrant community about the needs immigrants face in the Columbus area
  10. Attending USCIS and ICE check-ins with immigrants at risk of deportation
  11.   Working with other local groups to assist in compiling a resource guide for immigrants 
  12. Raising awareness and debunking common myths about illegal immigration and the broken U.S. immigration system by humanizing subjects and exposing truths