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Meet Maria. A Columbus, Ohio community member. 

Maria is originally from Nicaragua. When she was younger, she moved to El Salvador from Nicaragua and fell in love with a man. They had a baby but their baby boy was born with a serious heart defect. 

Fighting for her babies health, the doctors in El Salvador told her that they didn't have the capacity or resources to help him. Things took a definite turn for the worse when Maria's baby's father was recruited to a dangerous gang in El Salvador.

The Dad (who was now part of this gang) would not sign for the baby's passport to receive better care in another country so she decided to flee to the US without a visa and cross the border without documents to provide medical care for her baby. 


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Her child is now 8 and thriving . He has undergone many surgeries and will still need more throughout his life. He was able to acquire authorized status but Maria hasn't been able to.

MARIA HAS BEEN TARGETED FOR DEPORTATION and is in removal proceedings. Her 8 year old and 1 month old depend on her. Avanza Together raised funds for this families legal fees to fight her deportation.

Sadly, stories like these are not unique. We work with people like Maria every day at Avanza Together. We need to come together. We need to support people like her. Please consider donating so that we can continue this important work in the future. 

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