Avanza Together helps keep families together.


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Our Vision

Assist and empower immigrants who are at risk of deportation.

Our Vision is to create a community united to fight the deportation of immigrant families with no criminal record and strong ties to central Ohio.


Deportations are not what many think. 

Hardworking families with no criminal backgrounds that have lived in our community for many years are currently being targeted for deportation. Families are being torn apart and sent back to countries they hardly know anymore.

Avanza Together was created to assist these families and individuals.

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What we do.

  • We employ an advocate/caseworker who accompanies families going through removal proceedings every step of the way by assisting with transportation, interpretation, advocacy, and social service resource referrals.
  • We help fundraise for legal defense costs.
  • We provide Know Your Rights workshops.
  • We create community building opportunities for our immigrant community.
  • We tell their story.

    We believe in liberation, not deportation. Help us continue this important work.

    We need you now more than ever.