Stand With Immigrants in Columbus

Imagine you're an undocumented immigrant living in Columbus, Ohio.

If your partner was picked up by Trump's Deportation Force would you know where to turn or who to trust? How would you pay your rent or buy food for your family?

For undocumented immigrants living in Columbus, this is the daily reality under the Trump administration. Trump is making sweeping, foundational changes to our immigration system and instilling fear in our community. His radical policy vision is unprecedented, dangerous, and contrary to our identity as a nation and our core values as Americans.

But we have a plan. Over the next three months, we're raising $20,000, so we can hire a “Community Deportation Advocate” in Columbus to ensure that every family facing deportation in Central Ohio has access to and knowledge of all community resources currently available -- and to create resources needed but not currently offered in the community.

Columbus needs a dedicated deportation point person, a Community Deportation Advocate (CDA), to help families impacted by deportation. Our goal is to raise the needed funds to pay for a salary, benefits, and operating costs for a CDA so that we can ensure that every family facing deportation in Central Ohio has the support they need.

We're fighting the Trump Deportation Force, one case at a time and the Community Deportation Advocate will stand with families in their time of need and maximize community services and support for their case.

Please join us in raising the $20,000 required to get this project off the ground.

Avanza Together is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and your donations are tax deductible.